Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Pliny the Even Younger...)

“I’ll think about it,” you tell your father as you turn away. You bend down to pick up your clothes, giving your dad a good view of what he’s just fucked.

You turn your head and wink mischievously. “See you later daddy,” you purr, as you make your way upstairs.

You have your own shower, just off your room, but the sound of water falling in your parents’ ensuite is just too tempting to resist. Still completely naked, you drop your clothes next to the pile your mom has left and open the door to the shower.

Your mother hears the door open but doesn’t look around, not even when you place your hands on her hips. She only smiles.

“I wondered when you’d show up baby,” she says with a small smile. Turning around to greet you, she presses her hips tightly against yours and plants a passionate kiss on your lips, forcing her tongue into your mouth. You return the gesture eagerly.

After sticking your tongue down mommy’s throat you decide to get things moving. Pulling away, you kiss your lover’s neck before making your way south. Placing kisses as you go, you pay special attention to your mom’s breasts and nipples, licking and sucking on the pink nubs until they become rock hard and puffy, bringing gasps of appreciation from your mother’s lips.

“You sure you’ve never done this darling? You’re so good at it!”

You smile at your mothers words and bite down on her nipple, causing a groan of pleasure to escape her.

You continue your quest towards the main prize, trying not to drink from the rivulets of shower water cascading down her abdomen. Eventually you reach her pussy, the sopping wet, pink lips are hidden within a thick bush of jet black hair.

Spreading your mom’s pubes against her mons, you set to work, lapping like a hungry puppy, eager to please your mommy as the shower water plasters your hair to your head.

“Oh god, sweetie just like that!” you mother exclaims, panting now as she pushes her soaking wet hair away from her face. She grabs a handful of your own hair and forces your head between her thighs. You eagerly grab her ass cheeks and close your lips around the little nub of her clitoris, sucking hard until you hear her make a little noise in her throat.

Using this as a signal you push not one but two fingers up your mommy’s asshole and begin to finger-fuck her anus for all you’re worth.

“Oh fuck yeah!” she screams. “Just like your father!”

“You like that mommy?” you ask in a girlish voice. “Do you like it when your daughter sticks her fingers up your asshole?”

“Yes! I fucking love it, you gorgeous little slut! You’re just like your mommy when I was your age!”

You laugh happily and resume sucking your mother’s clitoris.

It doesn’t take long for her to be brought to orgasm, and her screams of ecstasy echo through the house.

You both collapse in a heap, together on the shower floor. “That was fantastic baby,” your mother coos to you as she holds you tight in her arms. “All we need now is a big, hard cock to finish you off with…”

Suddenly you hear your brother’s voice. “What’s going on in here?”