Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Pliny the Even Younger...)

“Holy shit, Mom! What the fuck is happening!?” your younger brother exclaims, his eyes nearly bulging from his sockets.

“Calm yourself darling!” your mother replies in exasperation. “Can’t you see how fuckable your sister is today? Your father’s already taken her, it was mommy’s turn to have some fun!”

Your brother just stands there, gobsmacked, as a bulge starts to form in his pants.

You turn to your mother. “Mom? I… I really need some advice…” You look towards your little brother sheepishly. “The last blow job I gave Dan was fucking terrible!” you blurt out. “I have no idea what I’m doing! I’ll never keep him if I don’t learn how to give good head!” you finish angrily.

“Well then, why don’t we teach you? We’ve got a perfectly good penis right here!”

Your brother’s head snaps up, a hungry look in his eyes, “I’ll happily help you Emma, I’ve always wanted to fuck you!” he stammers excitedly.

“Woah now!” you bark at him. “No one said shit about you fucking me! Take off your shirt and pull down your shorts. Let me see what you’ve got.”

Your brother practically jumps out of his clothes, revealing an incredible set of abs and an impressively sized rod, which bursts from a thick forest of pubes. You shake your head in astonishment. “Sometimes I forget you’re eighteen, kiddo.”

He grins proudly and steps back as you stand up and take his hand. You lead him towards your mom and dad’s bed, followed by your mother. You sit down on the end of the big king-size, and she joins you.

“The best way to teach you is to show you how it’s done, so watch close and then you have a go,” the older woman announces before taking her son’s manhood in her hand. She begins by licking your brother from the base of his shaft to his tip and he shudders at the caress.

She does this repeatedly before spitting saliva over his bell-end and rubbing it in with her hand. Her next step is to suck on your little bro’s testicles, first one then the other, before sucking both into her busy mouth. “Be gentle with the balls, Emma,” she instructs, through her mouthful of scrotum. “They’re very sensitive,” she giggles.

The attention to his bollocks is causing your brother to sweat, and he gasps as your mom begins to work the tip of her tongue into his urethra. He inadvertently grabs your mom’s head and forces her towards his hips. Her eyes bulge and she squeals happily. “I think he’s ready!” she laughs. She spits again and begins to work the virgin cock with both hands whilst sucking his helmet hard.

“Oh shit!” Your brother can barely speak.

“Jump in love!” you mother urges. “I don’t think he’ll last much longer!” She returns her attention to the boy’s testicles whilst you position yourself to start sucking.

You start by flicking your tongue across his bell-end like you just observed, drawing out a whimper from your brother’s lips. You’re so turned on by this that you immediately take his cock as far back as you can go without vomiting and begin sucking his cock like it’s an icecream that’s melting too quickly in the summer sun.

“Oh fuuuuuccckk!!” You remove his cock from your mouth with a pop and are promptly blasted in the face by your little brother’s enormous load.

Cum soaks into your eyes and you yelp as the semen starts to burn. 3 more spurts splash your cheeks and chin before you rush into the bathroom to wash your eyes out.

You hear your mother giggle from the bedroom. “That’s why I always swallow baby!”

“Thanks for the heads up, little bro!” you say in mock anger.

“And thank you for sucking my cock sis!” he retorts. You all laugh.

“On a serious note, I need more practice. What do you think I should do?” you ask the room at large.

“Well,” your mother replies thoughtfully. “You could try Mister Perkins next door? He’s sure to be grateful for such an offer from a gorgeous young thing like you!”

“Or, you could come with me to Derek’s house?” your brother suggests helpfully. “I’m meeting some of the guys from my soccer team there, plenty of cock for you to suck, we could even charge them!” he announces excitedly.

“So, my options are to suck off my ancient, stinky neighborr or be pimped out by my brother?” you ask sarcastically.

Which will you choose?