Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Domeyama...)

“Mister Perkins,” you begin in a polite and reserved tone as you slowly back up. “I would appreciate it if you would keep your hands to yourself.”

He acts innocent. “Whatever do you mean, my dear?”

You think maybe he is having some memory lapse, and keep moving out of the room. “Maybe I should get going.”

“No, please Emma, I really need your help!” Mister Perkins pleads, reaching out and taking your hand. You try not to notice his lingering touch and pull away with a sigh. “Just for a few more minutes.”

He smiles, “Perfect! Now! I think it may be in the bedroom closet…”

Tensing up, you follow after, and he tells you to look in the closet. You open up the closet, glancing around, afraid to break anything. “I don’t really see it.”

His voice seems a little far away. “Oh, don’t worry. It should be in there.”

Startled, you jump up when you hear him lock the bedroom door.

“Mister Perkins!” you cry in fear. “What are you doing?”

You back away as he comes towards you.

“Don’t worry my dear. Just remain quiet. Trust me, you will enjoy it.” He reaches out for you, grinning.