Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Jennifer yovler...)

You try to get escape but your brother catches you and throws you on the bed. You lie there for a while trying to get your head around it but then you see your brother half naked with his cock out and as hard as a rock.

“Emma, you’re my sister and I am going to fuck you so hard and you’re going to orgasm so much that you’ll love it by the end,” he says as you lie back on the bed helpless. He pulls down your miniskirt and starts rubbing your lace panties with his hand and his face. Then he pulls your panties to one side and licks your vagina until your juices start to flow.

Your brother rips off your sexy lace panties and starts to fuck you hard. You hate it at first because it is your brother, but his cock is so fucking big you start to enjoy it.

Four hours later you are on the bed in agony, having been fucked non-stop and cumming hundreds of times. Your brother has passed out on top of you.

You start to think about how to get revenge on him. You need to make him into your sissy bitch slave, fuck his ass until it bleeds and do whatever you want with him.