Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Dark Sided...)

When your brother grabs you, you begin to struggle with all your might to no avail and he drags you back in and throws you on to the bed. He goes and shuts the window and makes sure it is locked than turns his attention on to you.

“Brother please this is wrong,” you plead but he responds with “I’m sorry Emma, but I can’t pass up such a good opportunity to get rid of my virginity. I need you.”

He gets on top of your waist and reaches over to his drawer and pulls out duct tape. “Please now be a good girl,” he says as he tapes first your hands to the bed than your mouth.

Your brother looks at you with a grin on his face as he removes your panties from underneath your skirt and, before you can struggle, your own brother’s cock is buried deep inside. It hurts with his cock being twice the size of Dan’s cock but all that escapes your mouth is muffled sounds as he has his way with you.

This goes on for hours until you feel a lump enter you and you look down to see your own brother’s cum leaking from your pussy. He grunts and moans as he cums once than twice than three times.