Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Dark Sided...)

“God, you’re so tight sister — I hope you’re on the pill!” your brother says as he leans in and takes off the duct tape and kisses you before putting it back on and falling asleep in the midst of night. And there you are, stuck with your own brother’s cum leaking from you, not knowing if you’re pregnant and his cock still buried inside you.

Morning arrives and you and your brother wake up. “Now I know it wasn’t a dream, I really fucked you!” he says as he peers at you tied to the bed and gagged.

“I’m going to make good use of you! It’s okay, I won’t share you because you’re mine and belong only to me,” he whispers in your ear. It sets off alarm bells in your head but slightly excites you.

“Time for a good morning fuck!” your brother says as he pulls out of you and rams it back in. This goes on for hours. “God, fucking you is a dream come true!” he moans as he cums inside you again.

“This is your punishment for trying to run from me Emma. We’re going to be together for a long long time,” he whispers into your ear.

One month later

You’ve been fucked over and over by your own brother mercilessly and developed a bump on your belly.

“Looks like we’re having a child,” he says as he rubs your stomach. “I told you — you’re all mine now.”

The End