Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Hyperdreams...)

“Please make it stop!” you scream, then suddenly everything freezes. All the sounds around you suddenly cease, noticeable only by their absence, and the silence is absolute.

You feel a chill as a dark figure appears, hovering in the corner. It’s little more than a black silhouette, featureless and ghostly. Try as you might, you can make out no detail in the shifting smoke of its face.

“Who are you?” you ask fearfully.

A deep voice emanates from the apparition. “My name is not important. I’m the one responsible for your trial.”

“You made everybody want me? Why? What did I ever do to you?” you cry.

“I am not required to explain myself to you, Emma. I will, however, admit that things appear to have gotten a little out of hand.” You detect the slightest hint of remorse in the booming voice, but the arrogance mostly drowns it out.

“Out of hand? That’s putting it mildly!” you retort, mustering some feistiness. “So you’re going to undo the wish?”

“No. But I am prepared to alter the events of today. To put you on a less unsavory path.”

“Oh. Okay. Thanks,” you reply suspiciously.

“This is how it will have been: You will have left the house. You will have caught a bus. You will have escaped some unwanted attention on the bus. And you will have gone to your grandmother’s house.”

“Oh good, I haven’t seen Grandma for a while,” you exclaim cheerfully.

“Listen to your grandmother’s advice,” the voice says sternly.

“Okay. Look, I’ve got a few questions I’d like to ask you…” you begin.

“There’s no point asking questions. When I change your path you will forget me, and everything that has brought you to this point.”

“Thank God for that,” you sigh.

“Prepare yourself, Emma,” booms the ghostly figure as a crackling halo of energy begins to form around it.

“Hang on,” you exclaim. “How am I supposed to remember to listen to Grandma’s advice if I forget everything…”

There’s a blinding flash.