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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Hyperdreams...)

“Whoa there stud,” you say sternly. “She’s only joking. Now get out of here!”

Jimmy’s face falls and he looks over at your grandmother in desperation.

“Don’t look at me Jimmy. I thought she’d be up for it. You’d better go,” says Grandma, looking almost as disappointed as Jimmy. She was clearly looking forward to enjoying the show.

“You two are crazy!” sighs the orderly as he reluctantly leaves.

“What’s the problem Emma?” asks Grandma when you’re both alone again. “That was an easy fifty. Why, back in my day, I’d —”

You interrupt her before you she tells you an anecdote you’d rather not hear. “Grandma, I don’t know how long this wish is going to last. I’m not going to run around giving blowjobs for fifty bucks a pop! If I wanted to, I could do that without needing the wish. Have you ever seen a movie called ‘Indecent Proposal?’”

Grandma’s eyes glaze over. “Oooh yes! Robert Redford. What I wouldn’t have given for a roll in the hay with him…”

“Well, if I remember right he offered Woody Harrelson a million dollars for one night with Demi Moore. Now that’s the kind of payout I’m looking for!” you explain with a greedy smile.

Your grandmother perks up. “Or you could sleep with some-one you could blackmail! You know, for recurring revenue after the wish runs out!”

“Uh… sure Grandma, maybe.” You’re learning a lot about how your grandmother today and you’re not sure it’s all good, but at least you know she’ll support you (until she stops wanting to get into your panties, anyway.)

“So where can we find our rich target?” she asks deviously, stroking her bewhiskered chin.