Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Dark Sided...)

You continue to back away; then you see the closet frame. You realize you have been backing up into the closet! Thoughts come racing into your mind, what to do, what to do!

Mister Perkins still approaches with the grin on his face, knowing you have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. He has you cornered. You finally manage to come up with a plan but it’s too late! You feel Mister Perkins grip on your shoulders.

“Emma see I need help with another problem here,” he says as he strips out of his nightgown. “It has been a while since I’ve had sex, my cock is just itching to feel something and it’s about to burst so would you mind?” Mister Perkins says as he pulls you out of the closet and onto the bed.

You furiously shake your head. “Not today Mister Perkins! Maybe later, okay?” but he only responds with “I need you; you will be mine right?”

You struggle and can’t get Mister Perkins off as he sits on your waist. Then you feel his icy hand underneath your skirt as he pulls off your panties. “Please… what if I get pregnant?” you say, trying to talk him out of it — but to no avail.

His cock plunges into you, and you have to admit that Mister Perkins’ cock is larger than Dan’s as he pounds you. You have a hard time adjusting to his length but eventually you don’t feel the pain from it anymore as he continues to pound you. You can only lay there hoping he won’t give you a child.

It seems like hours go by before you finally feel his cock loosening and his cum enter you! He doesn’t cum once though as he proceeds to cum again, again,and again. In all he cums into you ten times and all you can think about is if you’re pregnant or not!

“Finally! I’d forgotten how good it feels to cum in a woman! It’s been so long Emma, I don’t think I will let you leave after this! You’re just too tight Emma,” he says as cum still leaks from his cock into you.

You just lie there wondering what is going to happen next.