Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Kylie2134...)

From being in gymnastics when you were younger, you have a flexible enough body to pull out from under the fence, but not without a scratch or two.

You quickly fall onto the stranger, hitting the ground with a thud. You pin him down with your knees. Wait! You know him!

“What the fuck are you doing, David?” you say in frustration. You used to babysit him when you were both younger.

He smiles up at you mischievously. “I want to fill your ass up with my cum. Now get off me bitch, so I can fuck your ass!”

What the hell! He used to be so nice, but now you know he is just a jerk. Now this really pisses you off.

“You will never be able to fuck me you dick!” you say through gritted teeth. With all your power, you punch him. He lies there, unconscious. You get up and quickly crawl under the fence.