Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by fruityloop...)

His lips on you just feel so good you decide that letting him have a little taste won’t hurt. As he starts to get more into fondling your breasts, you start to feel yourself leak in your panties.

“Mmm, that feels good,” you moan. You feel him chuckle against your chest as he tugs at the bottom of your shirt.

“This needs to come off,” he tells you, “I need to feel your skin.” You let him strip you of your shirt, and what he does to your boobs with his mouth feels so good you don’t notice him sneaking off your panties under your skirt, or unbuttoning his own jeans. You start to become more aware, though, when something hot and hard is being traced along your pussy lips and nudging your clit.

“What is that?” you pant. “Is that your dick?” He hums an affirmative and you start to get upset and scoot away from him.

“Hey Emma,” he says soothingly, “I’m just going to put the tip in, I swear. I’ll eat you out so good afterwards too, I promise. I just wanna feel inside you. I know it’ll be so tight and hot, sis. Just a little bit. Please.” You aren’t really sure, but he’s already pulling you over to straddle his lap, and you decide it’ll be okay if he just puts the tip in, since you’re already worked up.

“Okay,” you tell him, “but just the tip. I don’t think I’d be okay with having real sex with you.” He laughs at that.

“Whatever you say sis,” he tells you, then latches on to your nipple again, nibbling gently. You arch into his mouth because it feels so good, and while you’re distracted he shoves his entire length up into you.

“Ugh,” you moan. “No, we can’t, we’re siblings.” He ignores you and starts pounding away, rubbing your clit with his thumb. You can’t pull away from such a good feeling, and slump into his shoulder, moaning.

“Oh, yeah… Please… Harder…” you beg. He listens, and he’s fucking you so good, you can feel your pussy juices leaking all over his bed. He moans so loud, that you know he has to be close, and you start shoving yourself down on his dick faster, so he doesn’t finish without you.

“Yeah, sis, going to cum inside you. Make your pussy all messy,” he pants, and you start to lose focus as you get close. He keeps up the pace, the head of his dick bumping your womb with every thrust. Before too long, you’re both getting close.

“Please let me cum inside you,” he begs, “you feel so good on my cock, sis.”

“Yeah,” you tell him, “gonna let you pour all your sperm into me, gonna feel you for days. I’m so close. Oh, God. I’m gonna-gonna-ugh!!!!”

Your pussy clenches as you cum on his dick, and he groans as he gives a few last, uneven thrusts as he dumps his load in your pussy and you collapse on top of him.

“That was good,” he tells you.