Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by banedragon...)

You decide that waiting for Juliet to find you in your current predicament would be absolutely horrifying, so that option is out. Instead, you get the bright idea to see if you can knock over the chair and maybe crawl to Mister Perkins’ old rotary phone.

Pulling yourself up slightly, you first see if it’s possible to dislodge yourself from the old man’s lap. No good. The head of his cock is so engorged that it acts like a wedge inside of your vagina. You’re not going anywhere for now. To make matters worse, the cum he shot inside of you has begun leaking out from between your lips, coating your thighs and Mister Perkins’ dick, so that when you sit down again to rest your legs, the feel of his still-erect member sends shivers of pleasure throughout your entire body.

Great, you think, now I’m a necrophiliac.

Feeling more desperate by the minute, you begin slowly rocking your body side to side, hoping to gain enough momentum to get the chair moving with you. You try to ignore how good this action is making you feel, concentrating only on getting the chair onto its side.

Arms firmly wrapped around his shoulders, you plant your feet for balance. Grunting from the effort, you finally manage to pull yourself sideways, taking the chair and Mister Perkins with you. You land hard, your left hip smacking the linoleum with a dry smack.

That’s going to be sore tomorrow, if you ever get out of this!

Fortunately, you were able to get your left leg up before it was trapped by the combined weight of the old man and the chair, which is now lying askew just underneath the kitchen table. Unfortunately, your thigh is now pressed against your chest, which has allowed Mister Perkins’ cock to penetrate you further. You raise your right leg, planting your foot against his side, and push your hips against his.

The sensation is overwhelming. Wrong, but what the fuck else are you going to do?

All thoughts of using the phone vanish from your mind as you drive yourself crazy deciding whether or not to just go with the flow.

And then the phone rings. What now? Do you try and answer the phone, or keep screwing Mister Perkins’ corpse?