Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by banedragon...)

You decide it might be better to wait for Juliet. There is no way you can do this on your own.

After trying several times to dislodge yourself from Mister Perkins’ lap, you finally give up. You can only raise your hips so far before the head of his cock blocks the entrance of your vagina, making release impossible. To make matters worse, the cum he shot off inside of you before his untimely end has begun leaking from between your lips, coating your thighs and the length of his cock. When you sit down again to give your legs a rest, the sensation of him sliding back into you drives you insane.

Okay. Let’s try not doing that again.

After what seems like an eternity, you finally hear Juliet come through the front door of Mr. Perkins’ house, her husky Jamaican accent resounding against the walls.

“Mister Perkins? Where are you, ya filthy ol’ pervert?”

She seems to be having some kind of conversation with herself, which promptly ends the moment she enters the kitchen to find you, straddling the old man, skirt hiked up to your thighs, tits exposed to the air.

Her groceries fall to the ground, bags splitting open, spilling their various contents across the floor. Her eyes are wide, mouth open in shock, before she composes herself.

Here we go. Straight to jail.

To your surprise, Juliet begins to laugh; a full, throaty sound, which you attribute to her years of smoking those wonderful cigars you always see her smoking. You always wondered if there wasn’t more in them than just tobacco, but you thought it best to mind your own business.

“Of all the ways I pictured findin’ him, this ain’t one of ‘em.” She crosses the kitchen, having apparently forgotten about the groceries.

“What kind of Hoodoo you work on ‘im girl?” More laughter at this. “Hate to tell you, chile, he ain’t got no money!”

When you don’t move, she grows more serious. “You just gonna sit on that dead ‘ol man? Get up, girl! What’s the matter? You stuck?” Juliet bursts into rumbles of deep guffaws, before she realizes that you’re not laughing with her.

“Tell me you’re jokin’!” she sighs heavily, eyes downcast, as though coming to a decision. “All right then.”

Juliet wraps her arms around you at the waist and hips and proceeds to lift you up. You are about to warn her against such an action when the feel of Mr. Perkins’ cock sliding out of your pussy brings you to an earth-shattering orgasm, your amorous cries echoing of the kitchen walls. Juliet is still holding you, unsure of her next move. She simply smiles, though, lowering you back down onto the old man’s member, aftershocks wracking your body. You turn and wrap your quivering arms around Juliet’s shoulders, burying your face in her neck. Drinking in her musky, earthy scent, you gently bite her neck before whispering in her ear.

“Please. Do it again.”

She looks at you, a knowing smile tugging at the corners of her soft, full lips.

“You like that, girl? Then you’re gonna love this.”

Juliet begins to undo the buttons of her shirt, starting at the top. You gaze hungrily as more of her beautiful breasts are revealed, massive amounts of cleavage revealed, barely contained by a thin cotton camisole. You cannot help but plant moist kisses upon her breasts, leaving wet marks of saliva wherever your lips touch skin. Juliet moans slightly, kneading your own breasts with her firm yet soft fingers, tugging lightly at your nipples. You feel her other hand slide down your back, squeezing first one butt cheek then the other, before a finger slides its way into your anus. You jump slightly, then relax as Juliet’s other hand finds your clit.

“Move ‘dem hips, chile.”

You can’t believe this is happening. Here you are, riding an old dead man’s cock, being fingered by his gorgeous housekeeper. Since your hands are free, you have no trouble lifting Juliet’s top to get at her enormous breasts. The skin is soft, the color of dark chocolate, yet lighter than the rest of her skin. Her nipples are even darker than that, firm and thick, begging to be sucked. You oblige her by taking one hard nipple in your mouth giving it a tentative suck. Surprisingly, something sweet and wet shoots down your throat. You pull back, looking up questioningly at Juliet who only smiles.

“Oh, chile. That’s mother’s milk. I jus’ keep havin’ those babies. It’s meant for them, but I don’t mind if you have some. Go on now, don’ be shy.”

You lean forward again, eager to drink from Juliet’s heaving breasts. You don’t know if it’s Juliet’s hands on your body, or the taste of her milk, or Mister Perkins, or maybe a mixture of all those things, but you are soon at the threshold of yet another orgasm, moaning around this black goddesses breasts as you squirt all over the place.

In the midst of this explosion, you feel Juliet’s arms around you again, pulling you upward and off Mister Perkins’ cock with a loud squishy plop. You cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, so relieved to be free that you immediately sink to your knees in front of Juliet, who is slowly removing her jeans to reveal cotton panties that match her top.

“You’re not getting’ off that easy ‘chile. I believe I deserve a ‘thank you’.” She pulls the wet panties down past her ankles, throwing them down next to her pants, then spreads her labia invitingly.