Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by banedragon...)

Not wanting to seem ungrateful, you place yourself between Juliet’s thighs, fervently kissing her pussy lips, lapping at her vagina while you thumb her clit. Several of your fingers find their way into her pussy, making Juliet writhe and moan with pleasure.

“That’s it girl. You know what you’re doin’!”

She cums not long after, yelling at the top of her lungs in a language that you don’t understand.

Juliet smiles down at you, eyes full of wanton desire. She pulls you up and leans you against the counter. You share passionate kisses with Juliet, while her hands begin to explore your body. Fingers massage your breasts, tugging at the nipples until they are hard as stone. Juliet pulls away from the kiss, lowering her head to your breasts, lightly gnashing the skin and biting your nipples while she fingers your aching pussy.

Your labia are sore, and your thighs are completely soaked with a mixture of your own juices and old man cum. Yet you can’t help but buck your hips in response to what Juliet is doing to you. She lowers herself between your legs, trailing saliva as she kisses her way down. You shudder, wondering how many times you can cum in one day before passing out. Guess there’s only one way to know!

Juliet is sucking vigorously on your clit, attempting to fit what seems like her entire fist into your vagina. You want to tell her that it’s impossible, when you feel what can only be her knuckles slide inside of you, causing you to cry out again.

“Mister Perkins stretched you out good, huh? We have to make use of that.”

You’ve never been fisted before, and it’s an odd feeling, almost like a thick, bumpy cock. But with Juliet’s lips on your pussy, it starts to feel really, really good.

After a few minutes of this, you cum again, hard, almost on the verge of passing out. You almost do when there is a sound from the hallway, like voices yelling.

“Hello, someone called the police and EMS. They heard screaming. Is everyone —”

The cop’s question is understandably cut short, as he, a pair of EMT’s, a few firemen, and the kindly old neighbor woman who lives next door get a good look into the kitchen.

This doesn’t look good. What do you do now? Try and talk your way out of this, let them fuck you to death, or give them a show?