Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by TTT...)

You run for the gate and push against it. Locked. You look around to see if the key might be nearby. After scanning around for a bit you see the key on the ground, next to the fence. For a split second you wonder how it got there, in such a convenient spot, but then you realize you need to run. When you glance over your shoulder you see your brother approaching. He’s got his 8 inch cock hanging out of his pants already.

You open the gate quickly. You run through, and close the gate behind you. Then you lock it. Your brother can’t get through.

You are now out in the street. As you glance down, you realize that you are sporting a huge cameltoe, and because of the cold water, your nipples have started to poke through your clothing, too.

“I need to get some new clothes,” you say to yourself. “Where do I go?”