Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by TTT...)

You think about where to go. Then, you look back at the gate. You can see your brother pulling on the gate, only to discover that it’s locked. You smirk for a second, but then you see that your brother runs back inside, and in almost 3 seconds, the door almost flies off its hinges, as your brother throws open the door.

You realize you need to run, so without paying any attention to where you’re going, you run down the street. As you run, you see many pedestrians looking at you with the same look your parents gave you earlier. What is wrong with everyone?

After a while of running, you realize that you haven’t seen your brother for a while, and you decide to stop running. You try to catch your breath, and look around to see if you recognize this part of town, but it doesn’t look familiar.

To your disappointment you see that there are no clothing stores or anything like that here at all.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” you think to yourself. “Alone, in soaked clothing, no skirt, in a part of town I don’t know, without a cell phone…” You take a couple of deep breaths. “Oh, and then there’s the little detail that MY OWN BROTHER TRIED TO FUCK ME!!!”

As your thoughts race, one voice in your head tells you to calm down and see if it’s possible to get clothes anywhere, or maybe a phone.

You look around. In the distance you see a school. They might have a phone or something. There are also two girls in the alleyway. They seem to be smoking, but you’re not sure if their smoking tobacco or weed. Maybe they live nearby and have some clothes. What to do…?