Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Dark Sided...)

You’re not the brightest of the bunch, being a stereotypical blonde, and decide to ring for help.

You reach for your skirt’s pockets to find your phone, but that’s what’s wrong — you lost your skirt; once you realize this, thoughts begin racing through your head. What to do? What to do? Meanwhile your brother opens the door to the pool and starts running to you.

What to do! What to do! Thoughts still racing through your mind. Finally you manage to get an idea but it is too late — your brother grabs you.

He begins to drag you back into the house through the door, watching out for your mother and father calling “Mom? Dad?” No answer comes; they must’ve left for work, and he continues dragging you back into his room. This time he locks both the door and the window.

“That wasn’t very smart of you Emma. Come on! Don’t you want to help me get rid of my 20 year virginity?” your brother says agitatedly.

“No! let me go!” you respond.

“If that’s how you feel, I’m going to have to gag and tie you down,” he says as he pulls duct tape from the drawer.

A “fight” ensues but he overpowers you and sits on your waist. “Let’s get down to business.” he says as he grabs and pulls off your soaked panties and then he shoves them in your mouth, sealing it with duct tape! When you reach for your mouth he grabs your hands and duct-tapes them to the bed with relative ease. “You’re my slave now; we coulda been good lovers but now you’re my slave for my desires — starting today,” your brother whispers into your ear as you gag on your own soaked panties.

Your brother’s hand reaches down to your ass and squeezes it. “You’ve always had a nice ass!” he says as he gropes it. You try to buck him off and it doesn’t work — he only responds by saying “Calm down Emma. I know you’re a stereotypical blonde but are you really this horny and wanting for my cock in you? Then fine — take it in!”

He slightly moves off you and takes his pants off and shoves his cock deep into you. You arch back to fit his gigantic cock into you as your brother grins and moans about how tight your pussy is.

He continues to ram into you like a wild bull! All the time you are letting out muffled pleas for help and then the worst possible thing happens. Your brother eases up and lets loose inside you. You weren’t on the pill today either!

“Welcome to being my sex slave Emma” he says as he lets out a moan and collapses on you.

Night arrives and you both fall asleep.