Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Boredandbroken12345678910...)

Your brother gets off of you and kisses you. While you moan against his mouth his kisses slowly trail downward, stopping on each nipple and sucking softly.

“Ahh…” you moan quietly as your legs spread and your head falls back.

He chuckles softly and you feel his weight on the bed shift and then he’s between your legs, kissing below your belly button and still working his way down until you feel his hot breath on your wet lips.

“W-wha- Ahh!!” you cry out as his lips part your lips and he’s lapping your juices up like a kitten.

As you feel your pussy start clenching he starts sucking on your clit and you scream almost over the edge. As he shoves three fingers in your hole, sliding in and out, you finally lose yourself and have a mind blowing orgasm and you swear everyone in the whole neighborhood can hear you scream.