Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Letssaysatan...)

You give your ex a look, not appreciating the fact that his new girlfriend is here. Isn’t she the reason he stopped wanting to fuck you just a few days ago? He doesn’t seem to notice that you’re upset by this, and even if he does, he’s not acknowledging it. You decide to take a chance and follow him into the house. If she isn’t there, you’re up for round two. If she is… There may be a problem.

You walk inside, thinking you’re all clear until you hear a familiar voice. When you turn you see none other than Jennifer, the girl who had taken your place as Dan’s girlfriend. She’s looking pretty as ever, perfect hair and teeth and body. Even her clothes are perfect, flattering her breasts and ass.

She doesn’t hesitate to walk up to you and plant a lingering kiss on your lips. “Emma! It’s so nice to see you! You look so good that I want to strip you down right now!”

Her tone is sincere, and you turn to Dan, only to see him looking at the both of you in anticipation. His hand is rubbing the bulge in his pants, his eyes wandering all over your body. His eyes on you give you a chill. He’s looking at you, not her.

“Emma looks so sexy, doesn’t she Jennifer?” he says, stepping up beside the both of you. His hand creeps down to your ass, giving it a firm squeeze. “She’s all wet. Her panties are soaked. Do you know why?” Two of his fingers slip underneath the fabric to begin toying with your clit.

Jennifer grins and leans in closer to you. “He’s right, Emma. You look so sexy. I want to eat you up.”

You’re caught between the two of them and unsure what to do. Yes, you’re horny, and you’d love to take Dan again, but do you want Jennifer too?