Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Goldenlord...)

You walk in to notice the room is candle lit with rose petals around. You blush more red than the petals. You look at him still blushing.

Dan tells you it was foolish of him to dump you for Jennifer, so he would like to get back together — starting with some getting-back-together sex. You are really red now but super wet. You say “sure” as you take your shirt off, your tits as hard as rocks.

He starts to make out with you while you take off your skirt and panties, then he throws you on the bed. He flips you to your stomach and tightly pulls your hair. Since you love rough sex it turns you even more.

Dan gives your ass a grand slap and it sends a shiver through you. You put your hands behind you and he grabs them both with the hand that was pulling your hair, making your face hit the bed. With his free hand he reaches down and pulls out some handcuffs. He cuffs your hands behind your back, then grabs your soaking-wet panties and shoves them into your mouth.

After Dan has cuffed and gagged you he starts to finger you to the edge — but then stops. You are moaning from frustration. Then he rams his big un-lubed cock into your ass and you scream into the panties gag. He is bigger than before so his cock stretches your ass wider and penetrates deeper. He slowly ass-fucks you as tears fill your eyes from the pain.

After five minutes of ass-fucking at a slow speed he picks up speed so much that you tear up again. He takes your panties out of your mouth and asks you if you want to step it up a little. You nod yes.

Dan stops fucking you and flips you over and starts fucking your dripping wet pussy. He grabs a candle and asks one more time if you want to step it up a little. You nod yes again. He gags you again and starts dripping hot wax onto your stomach. You love it.

After hours of endless fucking he stops while his cock is still inside you. He carries you outside to his backyard and into his pool. The water is freezing. He starts fucking you again and you cum so much that you spit your gag out. You ask him to drown you while he fucks you, and before you even finish that sentence your head is underwater.

Dan continues to fuck you, giving you occasional gasps of air. After you cum for the billionth time he give you more air then drowns you again. Still being fucked, you struggle to get your head above water but to no avail. You slowly start to black out from lack of oxygen…

You suddenly wake up in Dan’s bed. He says he is sorry for drowning you and that he gave you CPR to revive you. You say it’s okay, and that you two should do it again someday.

Dan kisses you and crawls into bed with you for the night. As you drift off to sleep you feel a chill on your neck and a buzz in the air, like from an electrical transformer…

The End