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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Newstorywriter...)

Not one to pass up free cash, you get straight to business. You take off your shirt and bra so as to give him maximum enjoyment and get down on your knees.

“Just enjoy this, honey,” you say as you unzip his jeans and take out his limp yet now hardening member.

At first you simply stroke the dick softly, enjoying its tenderness in your hands. Jimmy groans and you take that as a sign to lick the tip of his prick, enjoying the salty pre-cum already coming out of it. You lick each side of his dick as it enlarges to an eight inch beast that is three inches thick. Jimmy trembles and moans as your full lips engulf his now rock hard cock. He didn’t seem like he had a piece of equipment that big!

You expertly swirl your tongue around his shaft as you blow him, giving him as bright a smile as your stretched lips will allow. Up and down his shaft you go, swallowing when his enormous dick hits the back of your throat so as not to gag. As you suck, you press your tits together and look him straight in the eye to give him full visual enjoyment. Your antics don’t disappoint and see his eyes roll back in utmost pleasure. His wonderful cock goes down and up your throat with your tight throat muscles gripping it like a vice. You begin to hum along the length of his dick to give him the vibrating sensation.

This is too much for him and you realize he is ready to burst. You remove the cock from your mouth just as the first spurts of cum leave his dick. The white stuff lands on both cheeks and one eye, sealing it shut. You put a hand on his balls to get out every last drop and enjoy the salty cum sprinkling on your outstretched tongue. You revel in the flavor and swallow.

As he stands back panting, Jimmy stares at your cum-stained face.

“Man!” he exclaims. “That was the best BJ I’ve ever gotten in my life!” He gives you the fifty dollars and leaves with an absent smile on his face.

“You hear that, Emma?” asks Grandma. “You’ll make good money out on the streets with that slutty mouth and whore ass! Do you want to try the rest of the staff? Take to the streets? Go to soccer practice?”

All of these sound like solid money makers as you sit on your knees with a total stranger’s cum plastered all over your face.