Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by 7...)

You smile, and as you stand up, watch in amazement as long steady stream of cum flows out of your pussy. You decide there’s no point in having your clothes anymore, and walk naked into the strip club.

As you enter, you see a woman dancing on the pole, and a couple of women walking through the crowd of men. A brief flicker of concern passes through your mind as you consider the club is packed — there must be over a hundred guys in here! You quickly dismiss the worry and walk over to the stage.

Dozens of hands grab and pinch your ass and breasts as you move through the crowd and you feel a couple of fingers shoved into your cum-soaked pussy as you’re ‘helped’ up onto the stage. The cat calls and whistles are almost louder than the music now. The woman on stage motions for you to come over by her and the pole, and a couple of men are climbing onto the stage.

You wonder what would be more fun, going straight to the men and let them all gang bang you, or put on a show with the stripper first?