Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by 7...)

You open the restaurant door and walk inside, shaking a little and feeling confused. How could this be happening? You swear your belly looks like you’re at least five months pregnant, possibly six! This just seems like too much — first your wish mysteriously comes true and everyone you meet wants to fuck you, and now you seem to be pregnant. You feel your breasts, and yes, they are definitely larger!

You sit down in a booth, and manage to get the waitress to stop leering at you long enough to order coffee. As the coffee arrives, you look at your reflection in the window, and gasp in surprise. Your belly is now sticking out at the bottom of your shirt! It’s growing! You look eight months pregnant less than an hour after getting gang banged!

You jump as you feel a hand on your breast, but it feels so good, you lean your head back and moan. You look at your newest molester, and it’s your waitress! She kisses you and slides her other hand up your skirt, then fingers your pussy. You moan louder, really getting into your first sexual experience with another woman. However, it seems your moans have attracted the attention of the other customers, and just like on the bus, you quickly are becoming the center of attention. The waitress moves down and starts eating your pussy, while a cock is pressed against your lips. Within moments you’re cumming, bucking your hips up against the waitress’ mouth.

Suddenly, you gasp in pain! You feel a strong contraction. You find yourself lifted up onto a table in the center of the room, but you’re too focused on what’s happening to your body to care. You’re clearly going into labor, as you feel your water break. The waitress calmly steps between your spread legs, and as a baby’s head emerges from you, she takes the child, smiles, and says “It’s a girl.”

You stare in disbelief, wanting to believe it’s a dream, but knowing this is real. The waitress walks away with the baby, then comes back and cleans you up with a towel. You still haven’t moved, or even tried to get up, still in shock.

You’re jerked from your semi-aware state as a man leans over and begins sucking on one of your breasts, drinking your milk! You gasp in pleasure, and hold his head tighter to you, then another mouth finds your other breast. You realize in amazement that your pussy feels fine, like you hadn’t just had a baby, as a cock is pushed inside. You lean your head back, and find another cock waiting for you to suck it. You feel a warmth inside you, and realize the first man already came.

You find yourself lifted into the air again, and set down into the next waiting cock. You feel it pressing against your asshole, and scream around the cock in your mouth. Suddenly another man climbs on top of you, and slides into your pussy. As two cocks start moving, you give in once more. As the man fucking your mouth begins to pump faster, you take him out of your mouth and yell “All of you — cum in my pussy!’

The man in your mouth switches with the man currently fucking your pussy, and shoves his cock in, spurting into you. The second man cums into your pussy, and suddenly the cock in your ass pops out, as you’re turned over and moved into a doggy position with your ass in the air and your face on the table. You see every man in the restaurant stroking their cock, and feel load of cum after load of cum dumped into your pussy. Cum begins to slosh out and spatter on the restaurant table as each new cock is shoved into your sloppy pussy.

Hours later, you lie collapsed in a large puddle of cum, with more steadily leaking from you, your belly once again swollen, while the waitresses in the restaurant gather around, waiting. They take the next baby from you, and no sooner are you cleaned up, then one of the other waitresses walks in, with another crowd of men following her from the bus stop.

You realize that while you have no idea how or why, you have found your purpose in life. You’re going to be gang-banged and bred over and over by strangers, never again having to worry about that boy that left you, funny how you can’t even remember his name as the first cock plunges into your pussy. You stop trying to think about how strange any of this is, or how it’s possible, and just submit to the fucking.

One last thought passes through your mind:

How could this get any better?

The End