Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by 7...)

You ignore the stripper and walk over to the group of men climbing onto the stage. You motion for the microphone off to the side of the stage. You stroke the cock of the man that brings you the microphone through his pants, then make your announcement.

“Fuck me. No condoms. I want all of you to fill me with your cum,” you say, and even as you finish your announcement you’re already getting pulled into the crowd of men.

One man lies on the floor, and you waste no time squatting down and sliding his cock into you. You feel a cold, but conveniently lubricated finger push into your asshole, work the lubricant around, then the finger is quickly replaced by another cock. Yet another cock is shoved into your mouth, and another two slap against your hands.

As soon as each cock spurts their load inside you, they are replaced. You keep trying to swallow the cum blasting into your mouth, but with limited success, leaving your mouth, chin, neck, and even your chest covered in cum as it leaks out. Your belly begins to feel full from all the cum you’ve managed to swallow. There is a growing puddle of cum beneath you, streaming from your overflowing asshole and pussy.