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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Leafy_Cockpen...)

“Well… I certainly wouldn’t mind sucking off the local team,” you say, almost to yourself.

“No, neither would I, dear,” your Grandma chuckles, slightly too onboard with your plan to become a prostitute for a day. You decide you don’t care. You haven’t had a proper fuck since Dan left you, and after that blowjob, you are horny as anything.

Without another word, you leave and head for the soccer field. Walking down the street, you seem to be getting more attention than before. It’s only when a group of girls walk past and start miming gagging on a cock, that you realise your face is still smeared with Jimmy’s cum. You hastily wipe it away, and finally reach the soccer field without further incident.

You strut onto the pitch, sticking out your chest, and bending over ever so slightly as you stand there, letting your tits hang down and your skirt ride slightly up your ass. The players stop and turn towards you, clear erections poking through their shorts.

In front of you, all with massive boners and eager looks, are the goalie, a large, well-built man with large firm hands, a defender, whose erection seems to be the biggest, and the famous striker, a small, lean guy who, if the countless topless pictures of him used in advertising are real, has a fine, well-toned body and abs any girl would give their freedom away for, if it meant being his slave.

Seeing their cocks bulge behind their shorts is making you incredibly horny. You feel your nipples harden and a slight dampness forms in your pants. Which do you fuck?