Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Leafy_Cockpen...)

“Well, hiya boys,” you simper, in a seductive, yet slightly childish voice, “I’m here to meet the striker.”

“That would be me. How can I help such a fine young lady as yourself?” the striker asks, in an English accent that takes you by surprise. He’s never spoken in his adverts, and you’ve never actually watched anything football-related, and so have never heard him talk, you just gave him a voice that you now realize was a slightly deeper tone of Dan’s voice.

While you’ve been thinking all this, the striker has been guiding you gently away from his horny teammates. You reach the edge of the pitch, the tunnel to your right, and a small gate onto the stands next to it.

“Where would like to go,” he asks, then adds, “M’lady,” in an exaggeration of his own accent, grinning at the slight look of lust in your eye as he says it. He clearly noticed your surprise at his voice earlier. Anyway, where would you like to go?