Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

“Dad!” you exclaim, as you pull free from your mother. “Did you see that!?”

You back off from your mother and turn to your dad for support. But he has a weird expression in his face when he looks at you.

“It’s okay Emma honey, don’t worry. Your mother and I love you very much, we just want what’s best for you. You know that, don’t you?”

Then he stands up and takes you in his arms, stroking your back to calm you down. At first you feel comforted by his embrace. You smell the familiar smell of sweat, old-spice shaving water and tobacco. This is the man who hardly ever looks up from his newspaper, and if he does, he usually never pays any attention so you. To get a hug from him, or even the slightest affirmation, is like winning a lottery. You can’t believe what has changed in him, and you can’t understand what has got into mom.

Then all of a sudden, you realize that you can feel him pressing his stiff cock against your stomach, and the embrace he holds you in turns to a stiff grip as you feebly try to wriggle yourself loose from his strong arms.

Your father spins you around, holding your arms behind your back. You can feel his bulging cock pressing against your back. You now stand in the middle of the kitchen facing your mother, her blouse still ripped open. She comes up close to you, pressing her big boobs against yours and whispers in your ear. “Don’t worry honey, we’re going to make this feel really good for you.”