Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

You try to sit as still as possible, and pretend everything is normal. You pull your head away from his face but you can still feel your daddy’s hand working its way up under your shirt and slipping in under your bra. His big masculine hand gropes your breast. You bite your lip in shame but don’t say anything. Blood shoots to your face.

This is so weird. You feel like you are trapped in a strange dream and all of this is just an illusion that you will wake up from any minute.

Your mother blushes in shame or jealousy, but she seems as determined as you to pretend like nothing is happening. She resolutely turns her back to you, starting vigorously to clean the kitchen counter while humming a tune.

They’re both acting so normal about what’s happening that you think it’s you who must be wrong. And for once you get some attention from your dad, you just never thought it would be like this. You are too perplexed to do, or say anything about what he is doing to you.

Meanwhile you can feel your daddy’s other hand slipping in under your panties. You can feel his stiff cock pressing against your ass. His hand between your legs has reached your pubic hair, and his fingers give you a tingling sensation as he tries to spread your legs apart.