Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

Your mother looks you straight in the eyes and clasps her hands around your face. You’re unable to get away as she locks her lips on yours and you feel her tongue pressing against your lips forcing them open. Meanwhile you can feel her leg pressing up against your pussy, rubbing ever so lightly up and down, making you slightly horny.

Your father’s hands are still holding your arms firmly behind your back, and you can feel him rubbing his cock up against your ass. Now you really wish you hadn’t chosen that skimpy little skirt. “Is that what this is about?” you ask yourself, as you feel your mother’s tongue lashing freely in your mouth. “Did I wear a too short skirt, is that it?”

Then you remember the wish you made earlier today in the mirror. “So this is what I wished for,” you think to yourself, “I had no idea!”

“Oh honey,” your mother says as she releases your lips, panting with excitement. “Your lips taste so sweet!” She lowers her hand to your crotch to feel your pussy through the fabric of your panties. “Let’s see how you taste down here, shall we?”

“Please mother, don’t do this. It’s all a mistake. I take it all back!”

“Hush Emma,” your mother says, as she kneels in front of your vagina and pulls down your panties. “We don’t want to wake your brother now, do we?”