Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Hey, what’s going on in here?” Claudia’s brother, Dean, sticks his head through the door and his mouth falls open at what he sees. “Sis, what’s going on?” he asks.

“Dean, I just saw Emma and… oh, God I just want her! Now!” Claudia tells him.

“Claudia, you’ve never displayed the slightest sexual interest towards Emma before. Why the change?” Dean asks. You suddenly remember something: Dean is gay. Is he immune to you?

“Dean?” you ask tentatively.

“Yeah, Emma?” he asks, turning towards you. He looks you directly in the eyes, not at your boobs. A quick look down shows a lack of an erection in his pants.

“Do you find me sexy at all?” you inquire.

“Emma, you know I’m homosexual.” Dean answers.

Your heart leaps. “Dean, I need to talk with you. Now!” you tell him, rushing in your excitement.

Claudia pitches in: “Wait, what’s happened Jennifer?” She sounds concerned.

You pause for a moment, then burst into an explanation: of the situation with Dan and Jennifer, about the wish you made, and how everyone today has attempted to fuck you. You finish with “Dean, you’re the only person I’ve met today who didn’t try anything. Even my family tried it.”

They’re both shocked. “Emma, I…” Dean stutters. Claudia has her hands over her mouth. Dean speaks up “Emma, maybe the wish only lasts for a certain amount of time. If you stay here overnight, we can see what happens tomorrow.”