Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

“Well, you’ve seen me naked before haven’t you? Maybe I could just drop some of my clothes and you could wank off if you like. Technically we wouldn’t be having sex, right? Do you think that would help?”

“Would you do that for your old father? I think I’d like that very much actually.”

“Okay,” you say as you unbutton the mini-skirt. “Just don’t say anything to mom!”

As you slowly pull the fly down in the side of your mini-skirt, you can see in your dad’s face that he isn’t sure this is actually happening. There’s a twitch in his face as he almost involuntarily puts his hand over his crotch.

“Don’t be shy,” you say, as you let the mini-skirt fall to the floor. “Bring it out if you like, it must be cramped in there.”

You turn your back to your father, watching him over your shoulder as you bend down and give him a good view of your ass in your pink underwear.

You like the excitement in his face as he fumbles with his fly. You’d never thought it could be this fun to get the attention of your father.

Then it’s your turn to get excited, as you see the sheer size of his cock as he pulls it out of his trousers. It’s the biggest cock you ever seen, easily ten inches long and almost three inches wide, big and hard and dripping of pre-cum.

“Oh my!” you think to yourself as your daddy brings his huge cock out of his trousers and starts stroking it slowly, his eyes transfixed on your pink panties and your firm butt.