Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

You’re a bit taken aback from seeing your father getting so horny. And you’re also a bit surprised to realize how much it turns you on to strip for him.

You pull off your halter top, and turn to face your father, showing him your well shaped boobs. He gasps for air and turns red in his face as you play with your boobs before him. You’re glad you decided not to wear a bra this morning.

“Oh my god Emma,” he pants as he continues to stroke his huge cock faster and faster. You are so beautiful!“

You blush a little from the compliment and slowly pull your panties down, exposing your pussy and running your fingers through your pubic hair. You can hear your father breathing very heavily.

“So, do you like what you see daddy?” you ask as you pinch your nipple with one hand. With the other you can feel your pussy getting wet.

“I do! You’re perfect, please don’t stop!”

You pull the panties off completely but keep your sneakers on. Then you climb up on the workbench in front of daddy and spread your legs right before his face.

“Watch but don’t touch,” you say as you look at him over your shoulder, you reach with one hand between your legs and run one finger up and down your pussy. You can hear your father grunting behind you.

You had never thought it would be so exciting to perform a strip tease before your father. Sitting there on your knees on the dirty work bench, it’s like you suddenly forget where you are and what you are doing.

You push your fingers deeper and deeper into your vagina and all of a sudden you feel you’ve hit the secret spot and when you push it you feel shivers running all up and down your spine.

You turn your head to look at your father, his face all red and mouth wide open. He strokes his huge cock faster and faster looking straight at your pussy.

Knowing your dad is right behind you, working his eight inch cock while watching you masturbate, just makes you even hornier. You gasp and shout, and put another finger against your clitoris as you hear him panting heavily behind you.