Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

That sounds like the best idea possible right now. “Okay, sleepover it is. Thanks, Dean,” you tell him.

He waves your thanks aside. “You can thank me when we’ve gotten rid of this self-inflicted curse.”

“You can use a sleeping bag,” Claudia tells you “But Emma, it’s probably best if you stay in my room. Dean’s is too messy — there isn’t a spot to sleep on.”

“Agreed, sister. Plus it probably stinks of soda,” Dean adds with a chuckle.

Your weak smile gives your thoughts away. “If I try to molest you or anything, you have my complete consent to tie me to my bed and… well, do whatever the fuck you want to me,” Claudia promises, placing her hand over her heart.

Claudia’s parents don’t mind you staying over. On the contrary, their eyes light up at the suggestion in a creepy way. Dean offers to make dinner, and you’re all treated to a helping of slightly-overcooked burgers that afternoon. Claudia’s parents can’t seem to keep their eyes off of your shirt, and even Claudia is barely able to keep her eyes from facing you.

That night, you can’t sleep. Too many thoughts are buzzing through your head. What if the spell doesn’t wear off? What if the wish gets reversed and everyone finds you ugly? What if you missed your one opportunity to reconcile with Dan? Worrying thoughts chase each other through your head, until finally you fall into an uneasy sleep.

The sun wakes you up the next morning, hitting you square in the eyes. How can something so far away have such good aim? Sitting up in your sleeping bag, you find that Claudia is still asleep. So she didn’t try to molest you as you slept.

Do you wake her up to see if she still wants to fuck you? Do you go downstairs and see if her parents look at you in their normal way? Or do you go and get Dean up?