Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

Too perplexed and baffled to put up any resistance you spread your legs and let your father’s hand slid down into your panties.

“Dad, what are you doing?” you whisper as you feel his finger tracing the slit of your pussy.

“Don’t worry sweetie, just relax,” he says as he gently rubs his fingers against your mound. You can feel your labia opening up and soon his fingers are finding their way to your clitoris.

Meanwhile, your mother doesn’t seem to notice what’s going on. She keeps cleaning the kitchen counter and humming the same tune louder and louder.

You can feel your fathers grip on you tighten as he pushes you down on his lap, his cock pushing against your ass.

“Dad,” you whisper, “I’m not sure we should be doing this.” But you still spread your legs wider to let his finger slid into your vagina.

“Don’t worry,” he says as plunges his finger deep inside of you. “It will be okay.” With his other hand he pinches your nipple.

Your mother is standing only six feet away from you, but she seems determined not to notice what the two of you are doing. She starts singing out loud, and making a lot of noise cleaning the pots and slamming the cupboards.

You can’t help but to let a little noise slip out yourself as your father finds your g-spot and starts working it with one finger while still rubbing your clitoris with his thumb. But mom doesn’t seem to hear anything.

You lift your top up to expose your breast to daddy, he puts his lips to one of them. Sucking it hard and biting your nipple. At the same time he pinches your other nipple with one hand and fingers your pussy with the other.

You feel like you’re drifting in and out of the reality of the kitchen, and the only thing you are completely aware of is the sensation in your body, the tingle in your breasts and your fathers finger pressing up inside of your vagina.

You can’t hold yourself from panting, and your father is breathing heavily too. Your mother, who’s only a few feet away, seems to have gone into a singing and cleaning frenzy, doing everything she can to pretend she doesn’t hear you.

You rub your ass against his dick and as you gasp with delight when you come, you’re pretty sure you can feel him twitching as well. You shiver as the orgasm grabs hold of your body, your mother slams with the pots and sings, you father makes a noise almost as if he’s crying and pushes his finger against your g-spot one last time.

You can feel your vagina contracting around his finger and you let out a small laugh as you feel the aftermath of the orgasm ebb out.

He pulls his hand out of your panties and you stand up carefully arranging your clothes.

Your mother turns around with a crazy smile on her face and a weird look in her eyes.

“So! Who’s hungry? I’ve got pancakes here for everyone!” She claps her hands together in a strange gesture and there’s something desperate in her voice. “It’s so nice with a Sunday family breakfast isn’t it?”

Then she turns to your father and there’s a sharp edge in her voice as she tells him to wash his dirty hands before seating himself at the breakfast table.

Your father leaves for the bathroom, but before he leaves he leans down to you and whispers “That was amazing Emma, thank you.”