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(Everybody Wants You, continued by TheHornyGirl...)

While deciding what to do, you notice you got off the bus in the middle of a very busy street and there’s a ton of people around you. About two hundred to be exact.

It happens so fast you are startled. Your clothes are all shredded and you are just about naked. Hands are all over you, groping and grabbing, all trying to touch your skin. Your pussy starts to get wet as hands continue to grope and grab and rub.

Soon your pussy is filled with different dicks, tongues and fingers as they all try to fuck you. Before you know it you have three dicks being shoved into your mouth. Your fingers all have pussy trying to be fingered. And you’re in complete lust as you try to wrap your head around this all.

After some time hands start to leave and dicks start to pull out and pussies start to get clothed. You’re now alone in the middle of the sidewalk full of cum and naked. Not to mention there is cum just about everywhere. You’re getting hungry and you know if you stay like this then lunchtime will come around and people will fuck you again.

Do you go to get food? Do you go to a clothes store? Do you try going back home? Or is that your best friend walking towards you a few streets down? Don’t forget you’re naked and cum is everywhere.