Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Level70cockmaster...)

You begin to lose yourself in the kiss. Holy fuck, does she feel nice. Her warm tongue laps up against yours, and you become suddenly aware of how loud your kissing is getting. The room is filled with the sloppy sounds of you making out with Claudia.

Slowly, your hands drop down from her hair to her lower back. You slowly pull her on top of you so she is straddling your pelvis as you continue to kiss. Your hands move down to her ass cheeks and give them a squeeze. You’ve always admired how good her butt looks, and part of you has suddenly become excited at the thought of being able to play with it.

Claudia tenses and repays you by breaking the kiss and moving to your neck. You lean your head back and close your eyes, moaning her name. You can suddenly feel her hand between your legs, and it’s immediately apparent to you that you’ve gotten pretty excited.

After she sucks on your neck, you push her back and take off her shirt. You are both flustered, but it only turns you on more to see her heavy breathing and her breasts moving up and down.

“I want you,” she moans, hugging you close.