Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

Before you can react, you see a white fist fly towards you, but it misses by an inch. The man behind you feels the punch and staggers backwards into the crowd.

You feel yourself get dragged to the side by a man as another shouts to the crowd, “You bunch of fucking rapists! You don’t deserve dicks to fuck with!”

“She shouldn’t have been a fucking tease!” one man shouts back, pointing. He is rewarded with a fist in the face, forceful enough to knock him down.

“Anybody else want to grope and molest this woman? Or are you content with just watching rapists getting their asses beat?” the man shouts, raising his fists.

The man who dragged you aside nearly carries you over to the driver and makes a simple command. “Stop the bus. Now.”

Not wanting his face punched in, the driver pulls to the side of the road and opens the doors. Your would-be saviours escort you off of the bus and you see that they’re twin brothers.

“Are you alright?” they ask in unison, before looking at each other and fist-bumping as mutual reward for speaking at the same time.

“Um…” you answer, not really knowing how to answer the question.

“That’s quite an ordeal you’ve just been through,” one of them tells you. The other continues: “We would have intervened sooner, but we were right at the back, while you were at the front. By the way, I’m Todd, and this is Tob.”

“Tob?” you ask automatically, curiosity overriding everything else for a moment.

“Short for Toby. I sodding hate that name,” Toby answers.