Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Mali&Liv...)

You start to cry out, but a hand clamps over your mouth, and the knife digs into your neck, effectively silencing you.

He moans as he moves faster, and moves a hand down to your clit, and starts to rub it fast and hard, making you arch into him. You cry out as you orgasm, and you feel him spray his seed into you.

He pulls out, and thrusts two fingers into you, and you’re lost. You couldn’t care less who this guy is, it feels so damn good.

You let your head fall back and release a loud moan, and barely notice the sound of the knife hitting the ground as he drops it and falls to his knees, his head between your legs. He thrusts his tongue in to you, and you strangely get the sensation that you have to pee.

When he adds his fingers, you let it overwhelm you, and you squirt into his mouth.