Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You doubt you can outrun them for long, so you decide to think tactically. Diving behind one of the houses, you dart into the garden and check around for other people. No-one. You sigh in relief and think hard: what the fuck has happened?

You normally don’t get this much attention — usually it’s just a simple compliment. But this, and from this many people, scares you. You start to wish this was just a bad dream.


“I wish I was the one everybody wanted to fuck.”

The tearful words echo in your head and you just stand there, having what you imagine to be a real-life Blue Screen Of Death. What the fuck now?

You can’t go home, you can’t go to any of your friends, the police can’t be trusted to keep you safe and if you stay out in the open… well, you just got an idea of what happens then.

Fortunately, the human mind has safeguards to stop it breaking down. Your flight-or-fight response has already kicked-started into action, and you find yourself suddenly able to think straight.

You can go to your friend Claudia’s house — with any luck she won’t be affected by the wish. You’ve known each other since childhood.

You can move from place to place and hope that the wish isn’t permanent, although that’s pretty reliant on chance.

You could use the wish to your advantage and get back with Dan. You almost reach for your mobile at the thought.

Of course, you could just pray and hope that making another wish undoes the effects of this one. It worked once, right?