Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

The humiliation of what you’ve endured, the sheer shock of Dan’s betrayal and the other feelings you don’t know how to describe right now all hit you like a bus.

Not caring that you’re at Dan’s house, not caring how much you’ve cummed so far today, you feel yourself cry. Tears stream down your face and you bury your face in your arms, curling into a ball.

“Why… why did this have to happen to me?” you sob. “All I wanted was a chance to be back with Dan but now… now everything’s so fucked up.”

It’s always you who gets it. It’s never Dan, it’s never the assholes of life, it’s never the ones who deserve it. It’s always you who gets handed the worst deal. You think about Sm calling Jennifer “sweetheart” and your own heart sinks. “I wish I could just get lucky in love…” you sob quietly.

You suddenly feel a familiar buzz around your body, and your hair is lifted by a sudden updraft followed by a prickling on the back of your neck.

Wait a second. You made the wish that everybody wanted to fuck you last night while crying. Now you’ve just made a wish that you’ll be luckier in love. Did the second wish cancel out the first?

You hear a small, ethereal voice whisper, “It will not be whom you expect. Watch for the signs, and you will find a love that will last your whole life.”

Well, now you know that your second wish is finalized. As for the first being gone… you could go downstairs and check with Dan and Jennifer, but you doubt they’d remember any of it. You could just go out and walk around to see if anyone leers at you.