Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Sorry Dan, but Jennifer looks so sexy right now I only want her. You’ll have to settle for watching,” you tell him, a devilish grin on your lips. Let’s see how he likes being ditched for Jennifer.

Before Jennifer can argue, you kiss her lips. You let your tongue slip inside her mouth and she responds by sucking it with a “Mmmmmm.” You reach around and grab her asscheeks, spreading them apart as you start making out. She reaches downwards and rubs your pussy frantically in answer.

You allow a finger to penetrate her asshole, and you can tell it’s been used before. You break the kiss for a moment. “You like being assfucked?”

“Fuck yes. It’s a feeling unlike anything in this world, except you,” she answers. “If you want, I can lick your asshole and fuck it with my tongue. I’m yours completely — just give me your tongue again.”

You smile and thrust your tongue into her mouth, prompting another moan from her. Meanwhile your mind is racing with what you can do to her. Make her eat your ass out? Tell her to edge Dan endlessly? Or there are countless other things you could do to her…