Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Happyvoy...)

You quickly realize there’s an entire untapped market sitting around here, ones who have had years to collect money.

You lick off the last of the cum on your face and give your Grandma a wink.

“Don’t worry Grandma, I think I know exactly where I’m going to make my money, and you don’t even have to worry about anything happening to me on the walk over.” Yyou think back on your day so far. “Well, it’s less likely something will happen anyway.”

“That’s my favorite grandchild, now why don’t you give your Granny a kiss?”

You lean it to give her a peck on the cheek and she leans in and starts to force her tongue in your mouth and fondle your ass.

“Hey, no tampering with the merchandise,” you quickly say while pulling free from your horny Grandma’s grasp.

“Ok Emma dear, just don’t forget who helped you,” Grandma sadly pouts.

“I won’t Gran,” you say and then give your ass a hard slap for her.

You go to the help desk at the entrance to ask where most of the residents are gathered at this time. The man at the desk tells you to head to the main hall for bingo. You can’t help but notice he is furiously masturbating the entire time he’s talking to you.

If this works you’re going to be set for life.

You arrive to see every one happily playing their game. This stops as soon as the announcer sees you and starts to stutter furiously, the massive bulge in his pants growing larger and larger by the second. You decide to blow him a kiss.

Suddenly all eyes are on you. Maybe you should use the announcer as a chance to show off your skills, you think to yourself — after all, advertisement opportunities like that don’t come along every day. Then again, you could start making money quicker if you just start working the crowd.