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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Happyvoy...)

“It’s alright daddy, I’ll help clean you up,” you say, getting on your knees and taking his cock in your hand. The cum already stuck to his dick starts to cling to your hand. “After all, it’s my fault you’re like this — me and that stupid wish.”

You plop his cock in your mouth and start to down his knob, the salty taste of his left-over cum filling your taste buds.

“Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck. Oh Emma, I didn’t realize you were such a talented cock sucker — fuuuuuuck!” your dad says as you continue to bob up and down on his crotch.

It feels nice to get a compliment on your blowjob skills for a change. You start to suck harder and faster, getting as much of his cock down your throat as possible. You’re still a little uncomfortable that you’re doing this with a family member, but the look on his face as you keep sucking is making you incredibly wet, and besides you always were a daddy’s girl.

“Oh baby keep sucking, oh Emma. Oh fuck.” Your dad’s hips start to thrust in to your mouth and you try to pull your head back, but he grabs it and holds it in place.

“No baby don’t stop.” He begins to face-fuck you rapidly, causing you to gag a lot, tears welling up in your eyes from the rough throat fucking.

Suddenly he lets out a loud groan, there’s no way every in the house didn’t hear him, and a huge spurt of cum pours down your throat. You gag some more, but try to swallow as much as you can like a good girl, even still, a large dribble of your father’s cum escapes your mouth, running down your chin and splattering on the floor.

“Aw honey look, you made an even bigger mess.”

“Sorry daddy,” you sigh and start to lick the cum off your lips. You’ll never get use to that salty taste.

“And me, young lady.”

“Yes daddy.” You lick his dick clean, making sure to take care of the left over cum in his urethra as well.

“And this horrid mess you’ve made on the floor.”


“Emma, are you going to be a good girl or am I going to have to ground you?”

You sigh again, get down on all floors and begin to lap up the last of his sloppy load.

“Good girl. God, I haven’t had my balls drained like that in years. Fuck. I never thought my cute little daughter would be able to suck dick like a pro. Hang on, I need to pee and then we’re going to discuss adding sucking-off daddy to your list of chores.”