Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Freed...)

You turn back and say, “How big are you all? If you are all big enough I might consider…” You give them a sexy smile.

They grin and the lead one says, “We are all over a foot long and thick. Come with us.”

You smile and follow them to a house where they open the door and you walk in. Almost immediately after they shut the door they undo their belts and their pants drop to the ground. They remove their shirts and you gasp because all of them have 12 packs.

One of them tackles you down and tears off your clothes. They all start jerking around you before they start filling you up. All seven of them start fucking you and you scream at first, but you get used to it. You have one in your ass, one in your pussy, two in your mouth, one in each hand, and one groping you.

After about five minutes they all switch until all of them have used you fully. They all pull out after they cum and sit you on the couch.

The lead one says, “I figure we should introduce ourselves to you. Also, you will live here with us now and perform all of our different role-plays, fetishes, and such. We will never use a condom but you will take birth control. Understand?”

You look up at him and say, “I completely understand. How big is this place anyway?”

He grins and says, “There are four floors here, ground, two above us, and an underground pool beneath us. Ground is where the living room, kitchen, and all that is, second floor is rooms, third floor is half rooms and half storage. Pool is obviously for swimming. We will now start the introductions. I am Alexander, the leader of the gang.”

Another steps up, “I’m Charlie”. They all start introducing themselves as Michael, Laurence, John, Ken, and Toby. You learn about what role-plays they all like. Alexander likes teacher and student, Charlie likes thief, Michael likes mechanic and customer, Laurence likes cheerleader and football captain, John likes Wife/Son’s best friend, Ken likes Students, and Toby likes everything, and all of them like gangbangs, and love making all of those role-plays gangbangs.

Alexander asks, “Okay. What’s your name?”

“Emma,” you reply, trying to decide who to fuck first.