Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You suddenly hear a male voice ask, “Who the fuck are you?” You snap out of your reverie to see a guy with nothing on but a towel over his shoulder. From his tanned skin, you gather that he wants to sunbathe.

“Sorry, I was running from this gang of rapists and needed to hide here.” As you finish your sentence, you realize something. This guy isn’t leering at you or trying to jump on you. How is he resisting the wish?

“Did one of them have a flame-like tattoo on his arm?” the stranger asks you. You can’t remember, so you tell him you didn’t get a clear look. “Damn. Well, if you need to lie low from them, you’re free to here. Just ask before you take anything,” he tells you politely.

“Thanks. I’m Emma,” you tell him, offering your hand.

He takes it and gives a light squeeze. “Kieran,” he answers, smiling at you.

He drapes the towel over the grass and lies down, hands behind his head. You can see his body in detail now — he has the shadow of a six-pack on his abdomen but seems more athletic than muscular. He also has an (at least) eight inch dick. The primal part of your brain wants to ride him, but the rest of you wants to know why he isn’t being affected by the wish.

Your brain buzzes, trying to work out what to do, but you’re calmed by a simple fact: you’ve got a safe spot to use as cover from the wish’s effects.