Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Thanks for helping me out,” you tell them, pulling your shirt back down your exposed boobs and your panties back up your legs. “Everybody’s been acting that way today.”

“Well, you do smell absolutely gorgeous,” Todd informs you jokingly.

“Not now, bro,” Toby tells his twin. “If everyone’s acting this way, there must be a reason.”

“Yeah, but what? I mean, we’re not trying to rip her shirt off. Why’s that?” Todd answers.

“I seriously have no idea.” Toby shrugs, before turning to you. “Anyway, if everyone is trying to rape you, you need to get somewhere safe. Your house?”

You shake your head. “My own family tried to fuck me.”

“What the fuck?” Todd exclaims. “Okay, some kind of supernatural shit is going on here.”

“Don’t jump to conclusions. We don’t know that for certain,” Toby tells his twin.

“Well, what’s your theory?” Todd asks, almost challenging.

Listening to these two is like listening to McCoy and Spock. Todd is highly ethical, Toby is highly logical. It makes you grin slightly.

“Right now, let’s focus on getting…um…” he turns to you, and you realize you didn’t introduce yourself.

“Emma,” you say quickly.

“Let’s get Emma out of the open. Back to our place — we can take her upstairs away from Mom,” Toby tells Todd.

“You think Mom will be affected by this…curse?” Todd asks, sounding worried.

“If she is, it’s a good thing one of us has a decent lock. Unlike you, Mr Fappity.” Toby digs at his twin, who squirms slightly.

You wonder if it’s safe to go back to the twins’ house. You don’t know why they’re not affected by the wish, and you don’t like it. They might have saved you but your gut tells you going back with them is a bad idea.