Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Well, this day is turning into a multitude of new experiences anyway. What’s one more?” you ask yourself.

“Sure, okay then,” you tell Claudia.

Claudia looks ready to burst with delight. She decides to use them on herself first to demonstrate, starting with some anal beads.

She slowly slips them into her ass, one by one. Once all six are inside, she twitches them slightly, smiling at you. It’s obvious she wants you to pull them out. You crawl over to her and take the ring, spreading her ass with your other hand. Without waiting for permission, you yank hard at the beads and pull all six out in under a second.

Claudia gasps in shock as you pull, and you see some of her pussy juice leak onto the bed. “Oh shit, that was fast,” she breathes. You look at the beads and lie down, trying to find your asshole with them. Claudia takes them and helps you push them inside.

It’s a strange feeling, to have six plastic balls squeezed together in your asshole. You gesture for Claudia to pull them out, but she shakes her head, searching for something else. She soon finds what she wanted — a small vibrator bead.

She pushes it inside your asshole along with the beads. Without hesitating, she switches the vibrator on and you feel yourself shake with pleasure. The beads are vibrating right under your pussy, and the sensations force you to arch your back, squirming. A few seconds later, the vibrator is switched off and the anal beads are pulled out of you, hard.

After they’re out, Claudia stretches out your ass with her fingers. “I think we can do better than that, Emma,” she whispers lustfully. She produces a soda bottle from behind her back. As she positions it at your virgin asshole, you’re visited by a temptation to tell her not to, but you also want to feel Claudia fucking you with it.