Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You get up and lightly shake your BFF. She awakes and the first thing she says (after a groan) is “Wow Emma, I was just dreaming about you.” Your heart sinks, but she continues, “It’s weird… I dreamed you made some wish to make everyone fuck you, myself among them. You came here and I asked you to eat me out and… it’s all pretty fuzzy from there.”

You feel butterflies in your stomach. It’s gone. The wish is really gone. You decide to joke with your friend. “Hey, it could be weirder. You could have dreamed I actually did eat you out.”

Her next words shock you. “Oh, I’ve already dreamed that over a hundred times.”

“Wait, you’re a lesbian?” you ask her.

“Ugh… can it wait until after breakfast?” Claudia requests, rubbing her eyes.

You stave off the questions until you both dress and go downstairs. Dean pulls you to one side. “Did it work?”

“Yeah, but now I’ve…” you hesitate.

“You’ve what?” he asks, looking worried.

No, you decide. Claudia can tell him. You won’t rat on her.

“It’s nothing. Weird dream. The wish is gone, and that’s the key thing.” You smile at him. He returns the smile.

You don’t fully notice what you have for breakfast, and you really just want to talk with Claudia about her dreams. You wolf it down as fast as you can and Claudia does the same, clearly wanting to clear the air with you.

You both head upstairs and lock your best friend’s bedroom door.

“No. I’m not a lesbian, Emma,” Claudia tells you.

You’re understandably skeptical. “Then how do you explain the dreams?”

“Ever heard of demisexuality?” she asks.

“What’s that? Sexual attraction to Demi Lovato?” you joke.

Claudia doesn’t laugh. “No. It means I can only get sexually attracted to someone if I’ve already gotten close to them. You know, emotionally. We’ve known each other our whole lives. I don’t love you for something as superficial as your body. Your personality, your mind, your very soul is what I love. You’re Emma, and I love you for being Emma.”

You’re stunned. You sit on the bed, trying to think of what to say. All this time and she never said a word. You suddenly realise that your heart is beating much faster than normal. You can hear it pounding in your ears.

“Claudia…” you start uncertainly.