Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Do you mind if I have a drink inside?” you ask Kieran.

“Not at all. Just don’t drink any soda — that’s my housemate’s,” Kieran informs you. “He’s out at the moment but he’ll be back around three.” You check your phone and see that it’s one o’clock. So you get two hours before Kieran’s housemate tries to jump you. That said, maybe he’s immune to the wish as well.

You head inside the house and into the kitchen. It’s not exactly large for such a big house. You could barely fit four people in it. You open the fridge door and grab a water bottle.

You can see Kieran sunbathing through the window. He seems to have forgotten that he has company, because he’s grabbed hold of his cock and is masturbating. You suddenly become aware that it might be you he’s jerking to. Your heart rate rockets upwards.

Your brain kicks in again and reassures you that if he was going to jump you, he would have done it already. Besides, that might just be his way of dealing with hard-ons in general. You notice a rain cloud approaching fast, meaning Kieran will likely come inside soon.

A naughty idea comes into your head. You’re quite desperate for a fuck after Dan broke up with you, and add the sexual tension that’s built up from all the attention today and you’re pretty damn horny. All in all, seeing Kieran jerk his eight-incher off is getting you quite wet.

You could strip off and wait on the sofa, legs spread, for him to fuck you that way. You could just go out there now and ask to help him jack off. Or you could simply go upstairs to the toilet and frig yourself to orgasm.