Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Emma...)

You start preparing breakfast but soon you hear your brother coming down the stairs and into the kitchen. He stops in the kitchen door and stares at you with his mouth open.

“Oh no, not you too,” you say as you turn and look at the stupid look in his face. “Don’t tell me, you want to fuck me too, right?”

He nods eagerly in response as if you were making him a proposition. You’re starting to feel really fed up with this whole ordeal.

You take of the apron and hand it to him. “Well, if you make me breakfast, wearing nothing but this apron, I might consider showing you my boobs. Deal?”

To your surprise he agrees and start to undress there in the kitchen. He takes of his t-shirt and folds it neatly on a kitchen chair exposing his well trimmed torso. Then he unzips his jeans and pull them off, showing a huge bulge underneath his shorts.

“Everything!” you say before you hand him the apron.

He hesitates for a short moment before he rolls down his underwear. You can hardly believe your eyes. He’s standing there looking intently at you with his cock out in the air and it’s pointing straight at you. You never thought he would be so big.

You hand him the apron and he quickly wraps himself in it and asks you what you want for breakfast.

“Two fried eggs, sunny side up, some bacon at the side, two slices of toast and lots of black coffee.” you say, “And make it snappy, I’ve had a hell of a morning.”

As your brother starts to prepare your breakfast you sit down at the table and wonder about what strange power you have been given. You never thought he would go for it or you wouldn’t have suggested anything like it.

As you watch his bare back as he works at the stove you wonder what mom and dad would say if they suddenly walked into the kitchen. On the other hand, they’d both behaved pretty strange themselves this morning, and quite frankly, it isn’t you preparing breakfast wearing nothing but an apron.

Sitting there, looking at your brother’s bare butt and waiting for your breakfast, you start to realize your actually enjoying this in a weird way. And when you think about it, your brother has quite a good looking butt actually. Very firm and muscular.

After a while, he puts a plate in front of you with everything you ordered and a cup of strong black coffee. He even garnished the eggs with some fresh thyme.

“Quite impressive,” you say as you have a bite of the crispy bacon. You can see he still has a huge bulge underneath the apron and he isn’t taking his eyes away from you. “Thank you.”

“Emma, can I… please see your boobs now?” You can hear the anticipation in his voice as he almost whispers his request at you.